Live Streaming on Facebook

With the Governors mandate all our services will be streamed on-line.  Messages and daily devotions on the City Heights Assembly Facebook page and Daily Prayer on the CHAG prayer Facebook page.  You can find several months of messages on this sight.  You can binge watch all the services you have missed.  Blessings.  Be bold for the Lord.



Coronavirus Meal Distribution – click for a short video 

Meals and Prayers

We started to limit the number of meals we are serving to 500.  Pray for us.  The weight of the outreach is taking its toll.  The number of cases in increasing and expected to skyrocket in all metro areas in the united States. We are keeping safe, now wearing masks and continuing to change gloves every 15 minutes.  We want to help you to touch your community as well,  especially the seniors and those at risk living around you.  You can Contact Pastor Bob to set up pre-prepared meal bags that you can deliver with a smile and a prayer.


Join Us On-Line or In Person

Sunday Mornings - 10:00am

Wednesday Nights - 6:45pm

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