Sunday, January 3

We take a look at the Old Testament and how God moved His hand both for and against His people. If we are followers of God we must follow and trust in Him, no matter how dark the road may be.

Sunday, January 10

Everyday we are faced with choices that can draw us nearer to God or cause us to drift farther away. God uses hardship to guide those that He loves back on course.

Sunday, January 17

As the world around us begins to shake and things get less certain, grab onto God. He is in control and the more things start to shake, the tighter we should grasp onto Him.

Sunday, January 24

Our lives our full of steps but how do we know which step is the right one? The right step is the one that honors God.


Sunday, January 31

Once we choose to follow God we need to continue in that path. Our lives and our homes should get holier as we continue down the path, that happens by making the choice to remove sin from your life.