Sunday, June 30 - Moving in the Plan

We are looking at God on the Job, and part of that job is us.  God's plan moves ahead when God's people move ahead.


Sunday, June 23 - Looking at the Job

So often we come to the Lord wanting His to do a work for us.  Paul tells us that God most often is doing a work in us.  God is able to use everything that goes on around us to make us more and more like Jesus.                                                              

Sunday, June 16 - God's Responses to Sin

If God is on the Job, what about sin?  We are surrounded by sin why doesn't God clean it up?  Often times God's job is not the one we want.     


Sunday, June 9 - Called for Glory

God saves us and God calls us for His glory.  His call is for our greatest life.


Sunday, June 2 - Coming Close

We look at the providence of God.  God is intimately involved in the care of the creation and as such He is intimately involved with His children.  In the midst of any and every challenge we can draw near to God