Sunday, February 23 - Don't Miss the Promise

Celeb has been waiting on the promise of God for 45 years and is not ready to give up.  He realizes his promise on the other side of the challenge.                                                                 


Sunday, February 16 - Shine Bright

Gibeon trips us Israel with a lie that gets between them and God.  Our challenges give us the opportunity to shine and the opportunity to fail.                                                                    


Sunday, February 9 - Staying Close

Israel is moving through Canaan and picking up some things along the way.  We can sometimes pick things up that are left alone cause us to drift from God.                                    

Sunday, February 2

The walls are down and it is the time to take Jericho.  God places us in position for victory.  If you are going to step into the promise of God it is also a step out of the grip of the past.