Sunday, December 29th

The Shepherds get a visit from an angel and receive a message that makes them into messengers.


Sunday, December 22nd

The end of Luke 2 contains what is known as the Song of Zechariah and the Song of Mary.  As we look at these sings we find the God's Gift is more than expected.


Sunday, December 15th

The angel Gabriel visits Mary in Nazareth and she receives a message that will change her life.  She finds that the gift of God is not about receiving but about giving.


Sunday, December 8th

Zechariah gets a visit and a message from the angel Gabriel and he is wondering how he is going to fit this into his life.  We find out that the gift of God is not something you fit in but something you fit into.


Sunday, December 1st

Dan Barone shares from the word about giving thanks in all circumstances - even when it hurts.